What you can do in Central Park

The vast territory of the main new York Park is difficult and tedious to walk around. A ride on a Bicycle rickshaw will help you save energy and visit important and beautiful places in the Park. You will learn the history of the greenest point of the city, see the locations where the final scenes of films are often shot, and understand what is amazing about the oasis in the center of new York.

What to expect?

Comfortable walk
Riding a Bicycle rickshaw, you will be able to explore all the beautiful places of Central Park at a calm and comfortable pace, without getting tired or getting lost. To me, you are a welcome guest, and welcome guests are known to be carried in carriages or carried in their arms. Or ride a Bicycle!

See all the most important things
You can take a Bicycle ride to see the main sights and take photos against the best views of the Park. The route has three stops: the fountain and Bethesda terrace with lake views, the bow bridge and strawberry Fields with mosaic floors. In addition to enjoying the beautiful views, you will learn about the history and gradual development of the Park, as well as what celebrities live in the houses closest to the Park.

Where the movies are made!
Many people are familiar with Central Park from numerous movies and TV series shot on its territory. During the walk, I will show the places captured in the cinema, and talk about the cult films and TV series that were filmed in the Park: "home Alone", "Sex and the city", "the Avengers", "gossip Girl" and others. In a special album, I have collected footage from these films so that you can compare them with what you will see live.
Organizational details
Bicycle rickshaw rental is included in the price of the walk
The tour can also be conducted for large companies and groups:
we have a large Russian-speaking team of guides.
In case of rain, we can reschedule the tour for another day.
The tour starts and ends only at a specific location (1411 6th Avenue).
There is no Shuttle service from the hotel.
Ice skating in Central Park

In winter, the rollers are successfully replaced with skates. Ice skating is the first harbinger of the holiday season in new York. Many of the city's outdoor rinks start the season earlier and earlier every year. And now that it's really cold, it's time to learn spectacular pirouettes on the ice.
Citi Pond Bryant Park. The most favorite ice rink of new Yorkers, since entrance is free, and it is located in the heart of the city in Bryant Park, just a few blocks from Time Square, and right behind the building of the Central library. Skate rental $ 14.
The rink is a gift to the city from the city Bank, and every year pleases fans of winter sports with an excellent ice surface, music, and several cozy cafes surrounding the rink. Even those visitors who, for one reason or another, are not ready to get up on skates, will find something to do while their friends or children enjoy skating: there is a Christmas fair near the rink, where you can find Souvenirs, new year's gifts, and many interesting things from all over the world, at very reasonable prices. And also try Viennese waffles, drink cider, hot chocolate, buy caramel apples and many other Goodies. Even just for the sake of the fair, Bryant Park in winter is worth a visit.

The Park even provides this opportunity. Lasker Rink, the same reservoir that is a skating rink in winter, is transformed into an outdoor public pool in summer. A very popular place among new Yorkers and tourists, especially when you consider that from may to August, the city can be 40-degree African heat.

There is a special Playground for skateboarders, where dozens of young athletes regularly train and perform demonstrations. Very spectacular!

Chess and checkers
Don't discount checkers and chess, as it is the same sport, and even more successful. The Park has several dozen special game tables, rental of playing sets and a chess school, where even world luminaries look in to give lessons to children.
One of the most popular sports in Central Park, with 30 outdoor courts. To access the courts, you need a special pass: either seasonal (from March to November), or a one-time pass. The pass is sold at the Tennis center (Central Park Tennis Center) and costs from$ 7 per visit to$ 100 per adult session. I did not manage to play, but I have seen enough of it-the courts are fenced with a transparent net from pedestrian paths and lawns. The Park also has basketball, volleyball, softball, and baseball courts.

Yoga lovers gather on the lawns of the Park, especially in the morning and evening. In the summer season, there is a Park yoga school, which provides classes for groups of all ages and levels of training. I also rated the beauty of yoga in Central Park 9 out of 10. One point is lost because no matter what nook you are located in, you will always be looked at from some side.
Mall and Literary Avenue
There is such a place in the Park, simple, picturesque, with an absolutely serene atmosphere, living its own life, in peace and quiet, literary Boulevard is a truly special place, every leisurely walk here is just a Paradise for people. Straight and clean alley, planted with the largest elms in North America, stretching from 66 to 72 streets, trees around, clean air. Literary alley, so named because there are statues of William Shakespeare, Robert burns, Walter Scott, Fitz-Greene Halleck and Christopher Columbus, which is called "odd man out" – "extra".
A separate shade zone has also been built here. It performs not only aesthetic, but also ecological function, improving air quality, adapting to any climatic conditions. The elms planted here are considered the largest in North America. Moreover, this is the only place in the United States where they grow, so the condition of the trees is carefully monitored and painstakingly cared for.

Boat rental
This entertainment is suitable for everyone who wants to spend an evening in a romantic atmosphere and look at the city with a completely fresh look. Good service and excellent cuisine will please everyone, even the most sophisticated participants in the process. An additional pleasant surprise is the opportunity to ride a small boat together with a friend or companion. The cost of such entertainment is not as high as it may seem, but if you decide to have dinner in a restaurant — be prepared for the appropriate price tags.

Friedsam Memorial Carousel
Don't leave the Park without visiting the famous carousel located near 64th street. And although this entertainment may seem too childish, believe that anyone will want to ride one of the horses, it will leave an unforgettable impression, no matter how old you are. The carousel has a very interesting and long history. in the 19th century, the carousel was harnessed by mules and horses that walked along the path in a pit located directly under the carousel. Then there was built a specially functioning mechanism that works by steam energy, but it burned down in 1950. The modern carousel was built in 1908 in Brooklyn by Stein & Goldstein and moved from Coney island to Central Park in 1951.

It is still one of the largest and most visited attractions in the city. In good weather, the carousel is open seven days a week from April to October, and only on weekends from November to March. Every day about 250 thousand people ride on the carousel, so the queue here is impressive. While you are waiting for your time, you can eat and drink something in the cafes located nearby.

Wander in search of adventures and new routes
On the territory of the Central Park is located the Belvedere castle, all visitors to which always find something new and interesting for themselves. If you decide to visit it, you will be sure to enjoy the stunning panorama that opens from there to the Delacorte theater, as well as the beautiful natural area.
There You can watch the turtles, find the natural Observatory of Gerni Luca, with periscopes and microscopes installed there, in which you can see a lot of interesting and unusual things! There you can buy a small set of reference materials and a small pair of binoculars, which will become your souvenir. In this part of the Park you can find many long and interesting trails.
If you like to make your own discoveries and walk - then this option is for you.
Sunbathe and enjoy the quiet in the SouthWestern part of the Park
Central Park, too, and the cultural center, too. Every year and every month, people gather there to have fun, play with a ball, or even perform with their orchestra, or just relax. If you go to retire from such a noisy company, or you just do not like it, then you will find the South-Western part of the Park, where you will find a magnificent lawn, where you can often find new Yorkers sunbathing. If you want to bask in the sun, but thought that this is not possible in Central Park, we recommend that you come there early on warm days and take a good place on the lawn.

See unusual monuments and take photos for Instagram
There is no need to worry about your children crawling through the entire statue, throwing down coins, making noise or making wishes. This statue was originally dedicated and created for children and their imaginations by George Delacourt, after the death of his beautiful wife. Mr. Delacourt enjoyed reading Alice in Wonderland far more than studying statistics and digital Analytics.
There you can join the children, or take a bench next to them and watch the motor boats moving on the lake in the center of the Park and feel inspired.
Do not think that Central Park is a place that is created only for picnics and brunches. Try to look at one of the most beautiful parks in the world with new eyes!